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How can I search YouTube and exclude certain terms from the video's title? For instance, I want to search for "glass" but exclude videos with "Google" in the title.

I'd like to stress that I want to exclude terms ONLY from the title of the video. Searching ONLY the title can be done with allintitle:TERM, but apparently -allintitle:TERM does not work to exclude terms.

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Try adding "--exclude_this_text" to search. It worked for me.

Searching for "mvc --asp" resulted in all the MVC videos excluding those relating to ASP.

Searching for films I used --2014 to exclude 2014 from title and that also worked example: film full sifi --2014

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I think a single - should suffice in your searches. That's the NOT operator for Google searches. – Al E. Sep 17 '15 at 12:54

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