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Is there a way to post (publish) a note from Google Keep to Google+ (sure I don't want to do copy+paste)?

I tried to find support for Google Keep, but I couldn't find it easily to ask them directly.

If there's no way, they should definitely do it.

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I haven't used Keep but here is a Google Keep community on Google+. Perhaps people there can help you. plus.google.com/communities/112416874311247567378 – Jaana Nyström Jul 28 '13 at 11:33
For what it's worth, it's trivially easy to do from Android. – Al E. May 10 '15 at 13:28
@AlE. Indeed. Now I see they've added it in some of the latest versions. It wasn't there at the time of asking question ;) – ni5ni6 May 10 '15 at 13:46

At this time, the web app of Google Keep doesn't have a button to share notes somewhere else, but there is a one to copy the note to a new Google document. From there you could share the document using Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and to get the URL to share the document using other tools.

From Create Google Docs from Keep notes on the web - Keep Help

Create Google Docs from Keep notes on the web Do more with your ideas by copying notes into a Google Doc, where you can expand, edit, and polish your ideas.

To copy one note into a Google Doc:

  • Hover over the note you want to add and click the Menu Menu.
  • Select “Copy to Google Doc.”

To copy multiple notes into a Google Doc:

  1. Hover over each note you want to add.
  2. For each note, click the check mark Check Mark.
  3. In the gray action bar at the top, click the Menu Menu.
  4. Select “Copy to Google Doc.”
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