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I have a RunKeeper account with an Elite subscription. I joined a training plan and can see the workout schedule on the website. I would like to sync this schedule with my Google calendar.

  • I tried exporting my data for the duration of the workout, but the schedule wasn't exported with it
  • I linked my RunKeeper account with the app Run Calendar app which boasts "Export activities to Google/iCal and Excel" but I couldn't find a way to link/export my workout schedule.

Any other suggestions?

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There is a "If This Then That" recipe you could utilize.

Notes: Uses to export data from RunKeeper and then to turn the data into RSS. See for key settings in feed43.

It shouldn't require much tweaking at all. Just an account (they're free!).

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Feed43 is down for the moment but this seems promising! I just signed up for a sub 4-hour marathon plan so I'm looking forward to test this out to see if this works. – BioGeek Dec 1 '14 at 10:55 is a wonderful site. SO FAR they are free, too. So go them. – randomblink Dec 8 '14 at 19:11

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