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We have a marching band program. Our parents take lots of pictures and videos. We'd like to collect these pictures and videos. Right now, we ask them to email us the pictures and videos, but our parents struggle with file attachments, email attachment sizes, etc.

We're looking for a dedicated external hosted service where anyone can upload a file that will be stored online in a common area. It would be ideal if it required no registration, to reduce the friction for a user to upload files. No uploader needs to see what files were uploaded previously. An admin can then log in and review the files in the common area and download them and delete the files.

Sites like Rapidshare and Depositfiles and the like are for anonymous download, not anonymous upload, so they won't work.

Sites like Flickr and SmugMug allow upload and sharing, which again, we don't want.

anonfiles.com, anony.ws, and Hide My Ass File Upload all allow anonymous uploads, but each upload is kept separate, and they're targeted towards people that want to put a file out on internet that can't be traced back to them. That's not a requirement for us.

This answer does address the question: Is it possible to allow an anonymous person to upload to my Dropbox folder?, but it's somewhat convoluted.

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Have you done any prior research? Are there any applications that have been close to what you needed? Also are you looking for a self-hosted service, or one that is run by an external website? – Fogest Jul 30 '13 at 17:40
Your edits look good now! – Fogest Jul 30 '13 at 17:50
Added some clarifications – Chris Vesper Jul 30 '13 at 17:50
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http://www.dropitto.me/ allows anyone to upload files to a special folder within your Dropbox.

It's similar to is-it-possible-to-allow-an-anonymous-person-to-upload-to-my-dropbox-folder but does not require you to create a special form and use your own HTML page. Additionally, it notifies you via email when a file is uploaded.

It does require Dropbox, rather than being completely self contained.

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Using http://SendToMyCloud.com, you can create an upload page for your Dropbox account, that allows users to upload directly to your Dropbox account without having an account, themselves.

FWIW, this also works with Google Drive accounts, not just Dropbox.

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The open-source DeadDrop server application, upon which the New Yorker's WikiLeaks-style StrongBox submission system is based, might suit your needs (but you would need to host it yourself).

Or, you might want to set up an upload-only FTP (or similar) site, and combine that with Tor for anonymity.

I will also mention anonymous upload services such as anonfiles.com, anony.ws, and Hide My Ass File Upload -- although I don't think that these will allow you to "clean up the storage area."

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Thanks, I've edited my question to emphasize the need for ease of upload and de-emphasize the anonymous aspect. – Chris Vesper Aug 1 '13 at 2:44

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