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Is there a method (way) to turn off the Pop Up Box as I move the cursor over email sender's id as I browse emails? I suffer headaches from flashing objects (like blinking red lights) in one or two seconds. As I review the emails I must often stop and recover.

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If you have Firefox or Google Chrome I can whip you up a Greasemonkey/Userscript if you'd like? – ComputerLocus Aug 7 '13 at 0:21

I had success blocking the popup using the AdBlock Chrome extension.
Right-click on the popup → AdBlock → Block this ad.

The filter that seems to be working for me is

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You can install the following Userscript to disable the pop-ups. There is no default option to disable them, so this is really the only way.

Simply use Greasemonkey with Firefox, or Tampermonkey with Google Chrome, and then visit the Userscript page and install the modification.

Using this will disable all the pop-ups for the username.

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