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I've just stared using IFTTT and one of the things I want to do is


To do this it really needs to be able to ping the URL is that possible with IFTTT?

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It is not possible to make a request like this to your external site. The site must be one of the services featured on the IFTTT page.

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You could do this via another method though.

write a php script that goes and fetches new items from the tumblr rss and process it, no need to use

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Use Zapier instead, they have Tumblr trigger:

The action can be a webhook (get, post, put are all supported):

Or any javascript run in node.js, can do http post too:

Zapier is open to developers, so you could easily create your own Zapier app with triggers and actions if you couldn't find one ready made.

Soon it will be possible to chain apps, similar to how Yahoo! Pipes worked. Try out the beta:

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