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We subscribe to a request for information press service, were they send us 15 / 20 emails a day (each with 20 or so queries in them) which are all request from reporters / journalists, asking for an opinion / quote for an article they are working on.

99% of these queries are irrelevant to us, but we have to sift through them to make sure.

We use gmail / google apps for business for our emails i was wandering is there a way that i can set a custom filter to skim through the content in these email, if the phrase/s we are looking for them are not found then archive them but if the phrases are found then mark it as important.

ie. if phrases 'design, architecture, interior design, furniture' are in the email mark it as important, if not archive email.

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You can, the easiest way I would say is to make two filters using the negative ( - ) sign


Filter 1: design architecture "interior design" furniture

then mark as important

Filter 2: -design -architecture -"interior design" -furniture

then archive

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