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I have two Google mail accounts: my main account ( and a Google Apps account ( I would like to use my primary address to sign in and receive all mail, but still be able to send mail from an alias of my Google Apps account ( as opposed to

Gmail provides these settings:

If I choose "Send through Gmail", I can send from, but recipients see "sent by on behalf of".

If I choose "Send through SMTP servers", then I'm forced to use the following SMTP settings:

This removes the "on behalf of" header, but now my emails are sent from rather than my alias

Is there any way to use the alias, but avoid "on behalf of"?

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I found that the only solution was to create another user, for which the primary email uses the alias domain.

In your case, connect to the admin console for

  • First, remove the email alias you say you have set up for your first account.

  • Create a new user with the same name as the first account, and for its primary email address you should be able to choose

  • Log in with this new account (the username should be, set your password and don't forget to enable mail forwarding.

  • Finally, set the settings of your Gmail account ( that you mentioned to :

    • SMTP Server:
    • Username:
    • Password: the new password

Job done.

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Thats working. good idea. – Eugine Joseph Sep 15 '14 at 8:10

Here's the answer and great instructions:

Work around for using Gmail Alias with Forwarding Email Addresses

It worked for me on 2014-10-15.

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Please don't give link-only answers. Include the the basic steps here and link to external sites as reference. If it's you who wrote the page feel free to disclaim that. – Andrew Lott Oct 16 '14 at 8:49
No longer works, that part of Google is gone – jetlej Sep 21 at 20:14

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