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At this moment I have been using multiple services. Unfuddle for SVN and project management via tickets. Basecamp for communication on projects and bugtracker for tracking bugs.

Does a service which is a combination of all above exist on the net?

If someone known about installing all these services on my own server, kindly share it with me. All these means: SVN, Project management and Bugtracking.

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Assembla, even in free plan, can offer

  • Any amount of "Spaces" (collection of Assembla tools with tight integration between them)
  • Any amount of independent SVN-repositories (they have 1.8 already) in every single space
  • Rather good bugtracking
  • Messaging for team's communication
  • Ability to use external SVN-repositories inside Assembla spaces ("External Subversion" Tool)
  • PM-tools like:
    • Milestones in Ticketing tool (tickets can be used as bug- and issue-tracker and planner)
    • Different reports in Tickets tool
    • Stream tab (reflect all space-related activity)
    • Time-tool
    • StandUp reports
  • Wiki and Files tools can be just nice addition to other Assembla's possibilities to build full-featured ALM-environment

Assembla Portfolio allow you to have all benefits of Spaces, but manage cross-project activity for many teams/many projects case in unified way

Local system on your own server may be (don't ask me about price of these Enterprise-level products):

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