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I work in a job which requires me to go out to sites to perform work, then create reports based on the outcomes. The referrals come from a number of different companies, and there are often differences in the SA's (Service Agreements) for report turnaround time, and this varies again depending on the type of work I have performed at a site.

In order to be most efficient, and to ensure I meet report turnaround times, I am searching for an add-on which would allow me to create appointment categories, then automatically create appointments / reminders some days later so I have the date I need to complete the report by already in my calendar.

Ideally it would work like this; I'd select an appointment type; 'Work Visit A - Company X', then create the details of that appointment. However, two appointments would be made, 1 for when I scheduled, and another 3 days afterward. The subject line of this appointment wouldn't matter, but it's just to have in the calendar.

Does this exist anywhere? My office uses outlook, but I will / am able to use any calendar service out there.

Thanks for the time!

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