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I book reservations for a sports team and need to be able to communicate with other parts of the arena what hospitality areas are booked/available. In the past there have been multiple e-mails, reports and spreadsheets which have made everyone's jobs harder. We used a Google Doc last year for the majority of the departments, which worked well, BUT we can not share customer contact information with their sales department for obvious reasons.

Is there a way to either block certain information from view or to have the mastersheet fill into another spreadsheet which can block certain cells or information?

This is an example of the information from the mastersheet.

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I believe the Google spreadsheet function ImportRange= will solve your problem. It will import cells from one spreadsheet to another. Then you can share only the spreadsheet you want with the sales department.

Here is Google's function list.

Alternatively, if you just need to accept data from a group/individual but not show them anything in return, you can make a form in Google Drive. The form can be sent out and when the recipient fills it out you get the results as a spreadsheet.

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