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I'm looking for a simple web app. that will let me share designs with clients and get feedback, the ability for the client to annotate the design would be nice.

Any suggestions?

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There are three big tools for this:

ConceptShare has a free 30-day trial. Notable also has a free account for up to 3 users. It's made by ZURB, a fantastic design and usability shop, so I'd probably start there.

Good luck!

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Notable is the sort of think I'm looking for, although I think the pricing is a bit high. I have found a new Start-up in the UK with a simple to use interface for both the Freelancer and their Clients, its called Notebox noteboxapp.com – Scott Jul 27 '10 at 20:01

Google Docs Drawings might work for you.

With Google Docs drawings you can easily create, share, and edit drawings online. Here are a few specific things you can do:

  • Edit drawings online in real time with anyone you choose, and invite others to view your edits in real time.
  • Chat with others who are editing your drawing, from within the drawings editor.
  • Publish drawings online to the world as images, or download them in standard formats.
  • Insert text, shapes, arrows, scribbles, and images from your hard drive or from the Web.
  • Lay out drawings precisely with alignment guides, snap to grid, and auto distribution.
  • Insert drawings into other Google documents, spreadsheets, or presentations using the web clipboard, then tweak them inline.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, I have used this before but it's too complex, what I want to do is upload a design (Photoshop, Wireframe, Image etc) give the client a link , they login via the browser and leave comments etc. – Scott Jul 27 '10 at 14:29

Coda Notes is a pretty slick Safari plugin that lets clients mark up designs quickly.


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