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For the past 2-3 days, no web notifications or email notifications have been coming. To figure out more into this, here is the snapshots Settings -> Notifications.

When Edit link is clicked next to Email

In the above snapshot, no sub-options in the form of check boxes are appearing. Earlier it used to appear. In the snapshot given in the question, all sub-options below the heading You've unsubscribed from emails about: are there.

Even when the email notifications is set to all notifications, it still shows No notifications, as evident from the below snapshot.

When the <code>Notification</code> tab is clicked

In this regard, a form regarding notification issue was submitted to the Facebook, but this doesn't guarantee a response from them.


Here is snapshot Settings->Notification of a friend's Facebook account:

enter image description here

There are 169 items below You've unsubscribed from emails about:, which is nowhere to be seen in my Facebook account's Settings->Notifications.

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Are you sure that some event which generates notifications has been triggered by someone - like/comment on your status, message received etc.? If not you may not receive notifications. The settings I have are similar to what you have shown, so it's alright. – Chethan S. Aug 17 '13 at 14:39
@ChethanS. Are you able to receive notifications on 1) likes and comments on own posts, 2) facebook messages, 3) when a close friend posts, 4) When you are tagged in a post, etc etc? The snapshot shown in the question is different from the standard one i.stack.imgur.com/DOETr.png? Obviously, there is an issue from Facebook's side. – stackoverflowery Aug 19 '13 at 4:57

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