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While watching YouTube videos online I need subtitles but they are not attached to YouTube videos. I have subtitles files in my machine. Is there any way to attach subtitles from your system to YouTube videos?

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If you are trying to add subtitles to the video being played, you can use the chrome extension YouTube SubTitles

This plugin allows to attach .srt files to the YouTube videos.

If the videos are uploaded by you on your account, then you can use Youtube video editor to add captions. You can upload srt, sub etc. files for captions.

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thanks a lot. It works well. Because of less reputations I can't upvote sorry for that. –  Sohan Badaya Sep 24 '13 at 12:41

I have created a Chrome extension for the same purpose.

You can check it out here: Google Chrome Webstore

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