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I signed up for Google Apps for Businesses, paid (I guess) $5 a month for this service. My primary goal is to use Google Apps for email accounts for my projects (with custom domains).

I added one custom domain, everything is working well. Now I have a problem, because I would need to add another 2 custom domains, but I don't see nowhere an option to do that.

How to tackle this situation?


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Not sure what you are asking. Probably you should look at this. support.google.com/a/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=53295 – Waqar Ahmad Aug 19 '13 at 16:58

Google Apps accounts allow you to define one ore more "domain aliases" (inside the "Domains" area of the Admin Console), to simultaneously associate additional domains, for no additional fee. See the documentation for details.

Thus, if your Google Apps account was initially set up with a single domain and one paid user named 'userA@domain1.com', you could then associate additional domain-aliases such that the very same mailbox could also be used with 'userA@domain2.com' and 'userA@domain3.com'.

Incidentally, Google Apps accounts similarly allow you to define one ore more "user aliases", to simultaneously associate additional email addresses for a given mailbox, for no additional fee.

Thus, continuing the previous example, you could create user-aliases 'userB' and 'userC' for 'userA', such that the very same mailbox could also be used with 'userB@domain1.com' and 'userC@domain1.com' (as well as 'userB@domain2.com' and 'userC@domain2.com', and 'userB@domain3.com' and 'userC@domain3.com').

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Can you create email boxes per each custom domain with no aditional cost? – sreginogemoh Feb 11 at 3:37
See my recent edit to this answer. – Yosi Mor Mar 1 at 18:36

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