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Is there an util, web app preferably, to save all public posts to separate files named after blog post titles format?

    My First Blog Post Title.html
    My Second Blog Post Title.html

Either html or plain text format support is welcome

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Tumblr Backup from fugiman.com (source code is free/libre):

  • each post in its own HTML file, grouped in folders by month
  • all images in a folder image

However, the posts are not named by post title. Not all Tumblr post types can have a title (e.g. image posts).

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that is a pity, the posts without title may be saved to file named after date then – Chesnokov Yuriy Aug 20 '13 at 14:14

See "Backing up your Tumblr blog to Wordpress".

Requires only signing up for a free Wordpress.com blog. Works a treat-there's an option for importing Tumblr, and there are all your posts in order, from the beginning.

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