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I found that I can no longer download any videos from Dailymotion. It seems to me that the download link has been disabled.

Any idea how to download videos from dailymotion?

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You download video from dailymotion on force-download.

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You can use the Free Video Downloader (Windows).

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The Video DownloadHelper Firefox Extension will download from DailyMotion.

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Ah, what if I am using Google Chrome? Any website that allows me to download the dailymotion videos? – Graviton Jul 28 '10 at 13:12

You go to and then at the top you will see for users and help. If you are using Mozilla Firefox then click on for users and then install to Firefox. For more information go to help.

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Use Firefox because it's add-ons are amazing. Try to use video download helper in Firefox in combination with down them all add on. Downthem all is an add on that downloads at rapid speeds by breaking a file in parts. Hope you enjoy the download from daily motion

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Same with this one, there's not a lot of actual content here. Please see the help center and tour for what Stack Exchange is all about. – jonsca May 1 at 23:15

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