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Gmail desktop notifications are not showing up properly. Browser: Chrome, OS: Windows 7

enter image description here

I have Chrome open on my 2nd monitor (not main monitor), and it is currently an open tab. I have not been receiving any popups when I get email to my account.

I haven't tested in FF/IE at all to see if it's Chrome specific

Anyone else in the same boat? or have any ideas? Thanks, Nick

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This might be better off at Super User. And, if I recall, desktop notifications is a Chrome-only feature. –  Al E. Aug 27 '13 at 20:20
@AlEverett - Pardon me : / , I don't frequent either SE subforum all that often. I'll be happy to migrate this thread there if you prefer. –  Nicholas V. Aug 27 '13 at 20:22
No pardon necessary. I'm just thinking that this is mostly likely a browser issue rather than a web app issue and would probably be better served at the other site. Let's see what some others think. –  Al E. Aug 27 '13 at 20:26

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