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I have two Google Calendars embedded on my web site. One in a month view, and one in an agenda view. I have learned that I can take control of the look and style of the calendar with a PHP script called RESTYLEgc.

The problem I am having is that when one clicks on more information for an entry in either view, the kind of information and the links it has are not ideal. The problem in general being that all links end up taking the user to the Google Calendar web site, but I want them to stay on my web site.

Specifically, in the month view, when one clicks on an event, a popup appears, with information about "when" and "where", and the "more details" link goes to an entry for that event on the Google Calendar web site:

google calendar popup

At the very least I'd like to change that "more details" link to go to a page on my own web site. I'd also like to get rid of the "map" link.

Similarly, in the agenda view, clicking on an event opens a drop down, with largely the same information, and same problems:

enter image description here

Again, I want to take control of these links, getting rid of the "map" link, and making it so the "more details" link went to a page I chose. Even more ideal in this case, though, would be to not have a drop down at all. Clicking on the event name would take a user directly to a page on my site of my choosing.

Is it possible to get that kind of control over an embedded Google calendar?

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