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I work with my team to improve a single HTML file.

To allow real-time collaboration, I copy/paste the HTML code to etherpad or Google Docs, and we collaborate there (everyone can see what everyone is typing, live).

Checking: Every time I want to check whether the HTML result looks OK, I copy/paste back to a local file, and open it with my web browser.

That's the problem. This checking step is a waste of time, as the server already has the HTML, and could serve it as a normal HTML file (without altering it with any header/frame)

Any trick to achieve this?

jsdo.it is the closest I could find, but unfortunately it alters the HTML, which breaks it.
(here is the HTML, yes it contains JQuery calls to a protected server, login/password: admin/admin)

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Use one of the many online JavaScript IDEs which support previewing like JSBin or JSFiddle. Using protected files may be not be possible though.

You can now edit files within SkyDrive with a new online IDE that supports Intellisense (code suggestions) but previewing isn't supported.

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Unfortunately, JSBin does not seem to do real-time collaboration. If I "share" and send the URL to a friend, their changes do not appear in my browser. – nic Sep 2 '13 at 2:04
Unfortunately JSFiddle does not allow collaboration, even less real-time collaboration. – nic Sep 2 '13 at 4:51
Yes, in both online editors, each edit creates a new version represented by a number increment (ex: jsbin.com/ogumu3/2/) and I think this is nice feature as it preserves changes. To view the latest you just have to change the number at the end. You could probably use these withe co-browsing option of Twiddla - twiddla.com/home.aspx – mvark Sep 2 '13 at 9:52
Maybe I should have been more explicit. What I mean by "real-time collaboration" is that you see second-by-second what the others are typing. Like in Google Docs. If I understand well, Twiddla does not allow HTML edition, only drawing over a background that can be extracted from a web URL. – nic Sep 2 '13 at 10:09

Not "real" real-time collaboration (you have to save your file before your changes appear on other people's screen, but Cloud9 is the closest I have found so far.

Create a workspace, copy/paste the HTML file, then click on "Preview".

Your browser might complain because this makes for a "partially encrypted" page, so "allow for this site".

Preview is not real-time either: you need to click "Preview" to refresh. Full-page preview is also available.

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