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I'm the admin of a Google+ Business Page. If I post to it from my Google+ profile by choosing it from the circle drop-down menu, the posting shows as John Doe Shared a post with you instead of normal post entry. Is there a way to post to a Google+ Business Page from a Google+ Profile?

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You can just go to the Pages -> Manage this page -> and do whatever you want. All your activities will be posted as your Google+ Business Page.

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Here is more about the Google+ Pages:


Manage the Pages via the Dashboard:


Great tutorial with video from Martin Shervington about the Google+ for business:


I hope these are helpful!

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Just like in Facebook, I do not believe that it is possible for a Page owner to post to the Page whilst looking like themself: if an owner posts to it, they are always show as the Page not as the owner's personal profile.

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