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I've developed a website for our active adult association. I upload an Excel spreadsheet to Google Drive. It has notes attached to cells. The notes display fine in the converted version in Drive. After I "publish" it to the web, copy the address and add the spreadsheet to my website, the notes no longer work as they did a month ago. It's not possible to hover the cursor over a cell to see the note. The cell has the note Id number in it and the notes are listed at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

I downloaded the spreadsheet that worked last month and the same thing happened so I'm sure it is not the spreadsheet.

Has there been a change to how notes are displayed or is there now a problem with Google spreadsheets?

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I still do not see notes in published spreadsheets :( – törzsmókus Jan 19 '15 at 10:53

The actual version of Google spreadsheets doesn't publish the notes. This "unsupported feature" isn't yet documented in the Docs editors help.

Check out the new Google Sheets - Docs editores Help

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