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Wayback machines (Archive.org, for instance) have rather scanty coverage of RSS feeds. Is there any dedicated web service that would make historical versions of RSS feeds available? (with or without searching). MailServer archives do this for Mailing Lists, wonder if there are RSS archives out there in the wild.

For starters, I have read How can I re-read an RSS feed from the beginning?.

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RSS and Atom feeds by default are volatile data sources. Hence they are subject of unlimited polling. There are technical workarounds, but there is no guarantee that majority of client-side software is written properly to reduce/limit polling.

Granted above, whoever considers to become archive.org-of-feeds, must undertake significant infrastructure effort, both bandwidth- and CPU-wise, and maybe storage-wise too. Google Reader had been implicitly playing that role, and it is gone by now.

Effort to find online services (apart Google Reader as gone, and archive.org known to be not exactly fit for feeds) had been unsuccessful on Google, Bing and few other search engines. Also none of free/open-source software which could be platform for that had been found.

Bottom line answer is no for November 2013.

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