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I am trying to create a linkage between two media wiki. Specifically, a template that links to an specific article on the other wiki.

I would like to write

See {{otherwiki|Some thing}}

The template otherwiki should convert the above to

[http://linkto.other.wik/Some_thing Some thing]

The template I wrote works pretty well for single-word terms, and it works if I write Some_thing, but I can't get it to work for phrases that contain whitespace.

[https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/{{{1}}} {{{1}}}]

How do I fix the above template to make it support whitespace?

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One option would be to set up interwiki links to the target wiki. With that, you can either write your links directly as e.g. [[otherwiki:Some thing|]], or you can encapsulate that into a template ([[otherwiki:{{{1}}}|]]), so the syntax would be exactly as you wanted.

Another option is to use the magic word {{urlencode}}:

[https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/{{urlencode:{{{1}}}|WIKI}} {{{1}}}]
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