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I am trying to clean my Google hits and I notice that a lot of them are Twitter services. Is there a way to block these services from making profiles for me on their site?

So far I am starting to revoke access to those connections I have authorized. But there are also other services that I have not given access.

  • twitlist
  • topsy
  • favorious
  • twistar
  • twimages
  • etc.

Would the only way be to set my profile to private?

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I doubt you can do anything about most of these third party services, because they only create a profile out of what you have publicly provided on the internet in most cases. You can try complaining at these sites and request for a removal, but then that might open you up to more spam, perhaps? Revoking access would help only those legitimate app requests you have approved earlier.

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Some services can automatically grant access to themselves when you are specifying twitter username and password when you log in to this services. I can give a lot examples like Echofon, Tweetdeck, Twitpic... My advice - if you don't need this services anymore - revoke access to them, and if them will appear in your list later - change your password and complain to twitter administration.

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