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Weekly, I tend to browse the Explore section or sometimes basic searches to see if I can reproduce any shots. To keep things realistic, I do not own a DSLR so a lot of shots are ignored. Is it possible to filter searches so that I can only get a certain camera type.

Where the camera type is displayed in the Additional information section. I know there is the Camera Finder Setup (e.g. photos with iPhone ) How about the reverse ? Searching photos then applying the filter ?

The reason for this is that say I wanted to check only Creative Commons-licensed content , I would select this in advanced search... but then I lose the camera filter. (maybe I am missing a step)

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Not an answer to your question exactly, but Pbase does this. –  Postagulous Jul 30 '10 at 13:33

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The advanced search does seem to lose the camera finder filter. If you copy the URL argument for the camera type;


and paste it in at the end of your CC licensed software search


You can get the results you require. A bit hacky but it does work.

Hope this helps.

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