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Is there a way to create a Gmail filter that sends the filtered items to the spam folder? There is an option to send it to a label, or to "Never send it to Spam" (which is ironic considering what I want to do).

I need this because I'm getting spam emails from a domain called libero.it, and Gmail's spam filter consistently fails to mark them as spam, even though I click "Report Spam" for each of them, so I want to create a filter to mark all messages from that domain as spam.

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I don't believe gmail offers this exact request. Reason being, email marked as spam is used to identify spam globally (not just your account).

Instead you can just create a label called "myspam" or anything really.

  1. Create Filter
  2. From: libero.it
  3. Check [x] Apply the label enter image description here
  4. Click Choose label...
  5. Select New label
  6. Input myspam new label
  7. Click Create
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While that gets the unwanted messages out of your face, as it were, it does nothing to train Gmail about spam messages. If you do this, you should occasionally open this label, mark all of the messages, and then report them as spam. – Al E. Sep 12 '13 at 12:40

It doesn't look like this is currently possible.

You could always just create another, separate label and have it sent to there. Something like a Spam 2 label. Once the spam builds up in this label, you can select all and click Report Spam to send it all away at once.


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You can select the delete option, creating a label.

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