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I have encountered a problem that I need a hand with.

I have already done numerous searches of this forum and others to see if I could solve it that way but it appears I have come a cropper.

So here goes...

I have altered a public Google docs template to help me track a loan that I have borrowed from my parents, I have shared the doc with them so they can access it and view it without editing - I have managed to get it to do what I wish to do apart from one issue.

I wish to password protect a column that my parents can access with a password of there choice to confirm that I have paid that particular installment of the loan. I know you can name and protect columns but being the owner of the sheet I can still access this column. Is there any way I can do this and get my parents to set a password that I don't know so only they can access the Doc I have shared with them?

Perhaps JavaScript could be used?

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