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I may be looking for something that doesn't exist, but I'm hoping to find a "process-tree" style task management system.

Basically I'm imagining it works along the lines of:

1. Do task one
2. Do task two - if outcome is W head down path A, otherwise go down B.
  a. Do task A
  b. Do task B - if outcome is X or Y head down (i), if Z go down (ii).
     i. etc.
     ii. etc.

It doesn't need to do any of the logic (i.e. determining whether the outcome in step 2b is X, Y or Z), it would just ideally show the tasks of the current branch.

I've trialled with Producteev, Flow, ZenDesk, Asana, Trello, Podio and even Salesforce, and while most have the ability to create sub-tasks and sub-sub-tasks, the whole tree is always displayed, it doesn't 'take you down one branch'.

Really appreciate any ideas you may have!

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