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Can someone please help me? I'm trying to define a different permalink for the photos and text posts on Tumblr. It seems that I have done just that, however, both the permalink for the text post and photos appears on text posts. How do I eliminate the photo permalink on the text posts?


Reblog - {NoteCountWithLabel}















{PlayCountWithLabel} {/block:Video} {block:Link}


{block:Description} {Description} {notecountwithlabel} {/block:Description} {/block:Link} {block:Chat} {block:Lines} {block:Label}
{Label} {/block:Label}  {Line} {/block:Lines} {notecountwithlabel} {/block:Chat} {block:Audio} {AudioPlayerGrey}
{block:Artist} Artist: {Artist} {/block:Artist}
{/block:Audio} {block:Answer} {Asker} asked {Question}
{Answer} {/block:Answer} {block:PermalinkPage} {block:Caption} {Caption} {/block:Caption}
{block:NoteCount} {NoteCount} notes {/block:NoteCount}
{block:PostNotes}{PostNotes}{/block:PostNotes} {/block:PermalinkPage} {/block:Posts}
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