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Is it possible to set Twitter to default to Interactions?

Every time I open the @Connect tab it shows the Mentions despite selecting the Interactions the previous time I opened the page.

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2 Answers

This is a recent change, as the @Connect tab previously defaulted to Interactions. Seems like it's something Twitter is experimenting with.

Unfortunately, there is currently no Twitter setting for selecting the default view for @Connect.

EDIT: Looks like the default is back to Interactions again.

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As Zedinc pointed out, there is no current way to change that in the Twitter settings... you can however use an userscript to change that, like the one I just made; you should first install the Greasemonkey add-on if you're using Firefox, or the Tampermonkey add-on if you're using Google Chrome.

On the technical side, that script goes through a list of all li elements of the DOM, picks the one which has the people class, then changes the href of the first link or that element (which is the clickable "Connect" button) to /i/connect which is the URL of the Interactions page.

Note for moderators : I'm not sure if answering questions by providing custom software (in this case, an userscript) is allowed... if it's not, then I'm sorry, feel free to delete this answer.

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It's fine to post links to solutions you've created, so long as it answers the question and you declare the affiliation. (See: help: user behavior.) I think this is answer is fine. –  Al E. Sep 23 '13 at 17:34
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