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I am locked out of my Twitter account because when I access from my phone it says, “create temporary password on twitter.com” and when I try to login to Twitter on web it says, “sent verification request to app.”

How do I fix this problem? I tried everything. I already reset my password.

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From the Twitter Help Center :

I am receiving the password reset emails but I still cannot log in!

Try again – the links in those emails are time-sensitive. Be sure you have not copied and pasted any extra spaces if you copy the link into your browser's URL bar. Try logging in from a different browser (we suggest Firefox, which can be downloaded for free) or another computer. Make sure your browser accepts cookies. Before saving your new password, you should also try clearing your browser's cache. Still not working? File a support ticket here.

So it looks like you already reset your password but still can't login, I suggest you contact them.

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