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I have a list of people responsible for data verification that are changing every day.

The schedule is on one sheet. And data verification is on another.
What I need is to show only responsible people if date is today (in certain cell) on verification sheet from the schedule sheet. How can that be done?

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Needs more info to visualise prob and solution try publishing the sheet. Show the code you are stuck on. Unless you really want to do this with a script I suggest that an array formula will solve most problems of this kind. Drop apps script tag?? – DavidF Sep 26 '13 at 1:55
Assuming there is more than one person per day, how is your schedule laid out and where do you want the results (eg days as columns and people as rows, or vice versa, results in a column or a row ....)? – pnuts Jun 6 '14 at 1:44

This sounds very similar to my solution, based on the the detail on the question, I have to make a few presumptions. My solution involves the following:

  • I used Google forms, but the script works on the response spreadsheet so is applicable to your problem

A copy of the spreadsheet is made each day at a certain time using triggers** that activate the script, and the main sheet is cleared to make way for the new data for the next day. Before clearing the data from the response sheet, I have a copy of the sheet sent to a folder called folder 1.

  • Solution

So on any day when you open the spreadsheet you are only looking at the current day's data.

**Triggers: From the spreadsheet go to "Tools> Script editor" from the menu 
In script editor: Go to "Resources>Current projects triggers" from the menu
Choose a time for the spreadsheet function (see link underneath for script) to copy and delete

Below is a link to my script. The problem I have at the moment is clearing the responses, but from your question, it sounds as though you are not using a form so my problem is not yours. The script will work for you Google forms script to delete responses counter

I hope this helps.

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If you have the schedule on sheet 1 with column A containing the date and column B with the person responsible then you can use the following vlookup in any cell to return the person(s) assigned to today:

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OP mentions people responsible and responsible people if date is today so I'm guessing more than one person per day - does your suggestion handle more than one person per day? – pnuts Jun 6 '14 at 1:42

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