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Thanks in advance.

I have just started using Google Spreadsheets so am very new to it's ways! So far it looks incredibly powerful!

I am using some data in a sheet called Jobs as a reference to validate a field in Sheet 1.

The data in Jobs is this:

Job Name                    Job Number
Site Internal Development   WS-2013-0001
Client Website              WS-2013-0002

So the field in sheet one needs to show Job Number. It does, but the problem is, when you get to several hundred Job numbers, you are not sure which one you are choosing without going to the Jobs sheet.

Anyway, when a field is clicked that it could list the JN and the Job Description? So instead of just Showing 'WS-2013-0001', it would show 'WS-2013-0001 - Site Internal Development', but once clicked only show 'WS-2013-0001'.

Maybe Val;idation is the wrong way to do this. As I said i am new to Google Spreadsheets. so any pointers would be a great help! Thanks :)

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Sorry, I don't think anything like that is possible. It seems you actually want a custom-built web application, not just a spreadsheet - even though Google Spreadsheets are powerful. – Vidar S. Ramdal Sep 25 '13 at 20:51

A compromise might be to lookup the description for the value (once chosen) in an adjacent cell (so an obvious wrong selection is readily apparent and can immediately be corrected) or to include both elements in the validation and, separately, strip out the description (keep the code), perhaps with a script.

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