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Similar question does not answer my question.

I'm an admin and owner/founder of a relatively large facebook group. The group was started and has always been public and viewable by all. A co-administrator accidentally switched the privacy setting to private when changing the group description. Since the group has over 1500 subscribers facebook will not let me revert the privacy policy to public even though it was changed only a few minutes ago. The other question addresses why this is a good policy (changing a group from private to public when the users joined expecting it was a private group is disrespectful to the users), but not how to revert in the case of a mistake.

Is there any way to change the policy back to what it was? Is there a channel that I can use to contact facebook support to get this reverted quickly? The group is used to coordinate social events in my university, with a number of large events happening soon and new members wanting to join at the beginning of the term this mistake is costing us a lot of business.

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