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I did a Google search and clicked on one of the results. Google redirected to a different URL when I clicked on the result. Yandex has a similar redirection.

For Google:


For Yandex:

http://www.yandex.com.tr/clck/jsredir?from=www.yandex.com.tr%3Byandsearch%3Bweb%3B%3B&text=trt&uuid=&state=AiuY0DBWFJ4ePaEse6rgeAjgs2pI3DW9l18DHb9MflkVwq5B3fjRC_m3WpZIsom1YcC5c_CBOinjm_BZZpbEbfcxgEVVjIlEE5GY-eupPAVFV2pSVTgQWHn_086xYnCTb4s4OgE1ghGVvyo-HqjsD9MQuWXpGQdPsiPauuPQCJFn04b_dh9xg98tBoxdtmi2vtXoGmAyTLc&data=UlNrNmk5WktYejR0eWJFYk1LdmtxbGg5My0yemVSVG9QRXdJVzBIUGtDb1k3TVJIdDBLNjJyeEl iaHBZaVQtZlRpNTYtN3JwWk9SSE9zd3A5OFdERDI3bWNCOUFYUlZh&b64e=2&sign=b36f0ae93847e3c136d7dd548ec584da&keyno=0&l10n=tr

I found a site related to it. I wonder what are parameters for the URLs. Does anyone know of a source site for it?

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The redirection links are done as a way for Google and Yandex to correlate what search terms result in more clicks to certain websites for certain localities/demographics as well as camouflage the referrer. These parameters are likely proprietary to each of the search engines and not a part of public information, since it would help people 'game' the search ranking/keyword ranking system.

This page has some speculation and deconstruction of the parameters for Google, but most of it is a mystery and is ultimately for providing Google with more data for their Analytics.

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Thanks @Justin :) – Gyhot Sep 27 '13 at 11:14

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