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I know about doodle and I've used it for a while to schedule meetings. But it has one big drawback: If I'm available between 10-13 for a meeting that shoould take 1 hour, then I might schedule it like this:

  • 10-11
  • 11-12
  • 12-13

But I'm also available for 11:30-12:30. That, however, doesn't show up. And If someone can’t to 10-11 or 11-12 but is free for only 11:30-12:30 then the person can't say that.

Thus, I want to draw to say “I'm available between 10 and 13 for a 1 hour meeting.” How can I do this?

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AFAIK Google Calendar has the same shortcoming regarding appointment slots. (demo googlegooru.com/how-to-create-and-reserve-appointment-slots) – Franck Dernoncourt Sep 28 '13 at 16:33

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