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I'm in the process of changing to Google Drive from MS Office for all aspects of my work. Pretty much everything I need is there, but the one thing we can't work out how to do is how to get a header and footer into a Google Spreadsheet (although we have them working fine in Word documents).

Is there an approach to do this? Also, it's worth pointing out this is mainly for use when we export our spreadsheets as PDF's. So the other thing that would be great, is to be able to view the page breaks, as you can in MS Excel.

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There exists no direct way to add a header and footer to a Google Spreadsheet.

Two pis-allers to add a header:

  • use the filename as the header
  • use a row header and check the "repeat row headers on each page" in the print settings.

As for the footer, you are screwed.

Lastly, it's not possible to view the page breaks.

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