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I used to own and use Microsoft's Streets and Trips but do not have it anymore. I found www.findthebestroute.com which serves a purpose but doesn't have many features outside of plotting a # of addresses and then giving you the best route to take to hit each location you have entered.


  • It does what it says in plotting the best route changing the order of the list of addresses one puts in to offer the shortest route, directions, and map
  • It offers the ability to print both the directions and the map
  • It overlays onto Googles maps making it user friendly
  • It is free

Cons (things I am looking for):

  • the ability to label the address so one knows after shuffling the stops which location you are at/looking for
  • A more permanent way of marking offices/locations which may be saved to use again plotting saved locations with some name or moniker to identify each (as stated above) so as to add new data or old combinations of saved places.
  • Ideally a way to drill into the location to add some short details or notes (not necessary but ideal)

Thanks in advance!

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