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Using LimeSurvey, I am able to grant Read/View Permissions to Responses, Statistics & Survey Content to specific Surveys for specific Users. I see that there is something called "User Groups". I image that I can create a User Group and then place a number of specific Users into the User Group. I would like to grant the above described Permissions to a User Group. Is this possible?

  1. How to create a User Group?
  2. Place Users into the User Group?
  3. Grant the specific Permissions to the User Group for all, a collection of or specific Surveys?

Assuming I have complete control.

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The relevant Limesurvey manual is https://manual.limesurvey.org/Manage_user_groups. My explanation:

If you are the admin, the third icon from the top-left should be what you are looking for.

From the page that opens up you will have a drop down menu labeled "User groups" with a "plus" icon on its right.

This will allow you to create the group (just fill in the "Name" and "Description" fields).

After having created your group you can add users (that should be created in advance) to it choosing them from the drop down menu and selecting "Add user".

The permissions are assigned on a survey by survey basis, you should be able to choose a group instead of a user when you set the survey permission (I understand you already do this).

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