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I use Google Translate often and I wished there was a shortcut key for swapping language. Are there any?

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2 Answers

If you use Google Chrome, this extension may be useful to you.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Translate

It allows to use keyboard shortcut for Google Translate on Web.

[Option](PC:[Alt]) + [0-7] keys are bound to each indexed button.
  • lang-swap button -> Option + 0
  • button1 -> Option + 1
  • button2 -> Option + 2
  • button3 -> Option + 3
  • button4 -> Option + 4
  • button5 -> Option + 5
  • button6 -> Option + 6
  • button7 -> Option + 7
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There is none, but Google Translator Toolkit has some, and some browser extensions such as Google Translate™ Hotkey add a couple of hotkeys.

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