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I've got 2 email addresses, me@gmail.com and me@hotmail.com. My use case is this:

I want to edit everything from me@hotmail.com, but I want the other one to see all changes as well. The obvious solution is to make a calendar in Hotmail and just subscribe to the link in Google Calendar. However, I've found that this is slow - Google doesn't sync with the Outlook calendar as often as I'd like (looks like once a day?). So the other solution would be to make a Google calendar, but give me@hotmail.com full permissions to edit within Hotmail. I haven't been able to find a way to do that. The best I've found is to give me@hotmail.com all permissions but that would require me to go into that calendar in Google to edit. There's no point in that because I could just edit while logged into me@gmail.com. I want to be able to edit it within the Outlook calendar interface.

How do I do this? If anyone has an idea other than what I've tried please feel free to share as well. Thanks in advance for the help!

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