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I have some coworkers and customers that send all of their e-mails with read receipts requested. Whenever I view one of these emails in Gmail and then try to leave, it asks me if I want to send a read receipt or not. I always click "No", but even if I view that message at a later date (such as trying to find an old email on a particular topic), Gmail will continue to nag me about sending read receipts.

Is there any way to tell Gmail that I never, ever, under any circumstance, never want to send a read receipt? This drives me absolutely insane. I must spend several hours over the course of the year just dismissing read receipt dialogs.

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I found a solution for Chrome:

Read Receipt Decliner

I just installed it and it works well. Still, I'm interested to hear if Gmail has an actual setting for this or not.

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Unless there is a Google Labs extension your only option is a browser extension level solution or then slapping your coworkers on the back of the head when they send a read receipt. – Ramhound Oct 8 '13 at 17:07

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