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Is there a way to share a Google Document in view-only mode with someone but prevent them from downloading it, copying and pasting the data, printing it, or going to File > Make a copy?

I understand that if they really wanted to they could also take a screen shot and then OCR the image, but that's a little bit more technical, so I'm not sorry worried about people doing that.

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Not with Google Drive, no. The closest you can get when you share is to set a collaborator to "Can View", which means they can't edit, but it won't prevent them from copy-paste, printing, or simply making a copy.

You'll need to look into some other way of sharing the information. (I believe PDF can be set up to prevent copy-paste.)

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(PDF can be set up to prevent copy-paste, but this can be bypass easily, or at least used to be last time I faced the issue, by cracking Adobe security e.g. ehow.com/how_6785425_copy-paste-secure-pdf.html or at worst OCR, although the OP indeed assumes that readers don't have IT skills) –  Franck Dernoncourt Oct 9 '13 at 17:04

You can restrict access with http://www.flashpanel.com/pricing/, but I can't work out whether I need to order minimum 200 licences or not. If you find out the answer post on here please?

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How does Flashpanel restrict downloads? –  Vidar S. Ramdal Oct 9 '13 at 14:38

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