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I am searching for the lyrics to a Darwin Deez song. I googled "I keep the mic on lockdown slavery deez" and in the description of the second result I can see the information that I want. When I click the link (a Tumblr link), it doesn't bring up the information given in the description, it just does a search for #wonkybeats in Tumblr.

How can I get to find these lyrics which are clearly in some Tumblr blog?

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Open Google’s cached version of the page. You should find the content there.

In this answer I described how you can open the cached version in Google.

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Google caches page content so what you are seeing isn't what is on http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/wonky-beats front page currently. You will have to go through scrolling down the never ending scroll and you should find it

Searching Tumblr


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