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Does MediaWiki offer a way to subscribe to pages and get noticed of changes? Does this require a plugin?

So far all I have found is this:

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It's called watchlisting. You can then follow the feed on Special:Watchlist, or get email notifications, or read the watchlist via RSS/Atom feed.

Or, as mentioned above, you can subscribe to individual feeds for pages/categories.

share|improve this answer list most extensions: the extension CategorySubscriptions (beta) seems to be the closest one but only allows to watch at category-level, not page. It might contain some interesting code if you wish to develop your own extension.

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The best page describing all the feeds provided by MediaWiki I have found is Wikipedia:Syndication.

Each page has a feed for its history. You can either access it from your browser from the history tab or you can build the URL yourself, it looks something like index.php?title=SomePage&feed=atom&action=history.

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