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I own a couple of domains which have numerous functional accounts all managed by me. So I'd like a way to log in once, see all incoming mails, and send from any username in this domain. (Ideally replies would default to the same email that was sent to.)

I know: * GMail and many other services have catch-all settings, so receiving all emails is easy. * GMail does support aliases and alternative from addresses. The problem with these is they must be individually added and confirmed. That's tedious. As the domain owner, I want to be able to just send from any arbitrary email without jumping through hoops.

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FastMail allows you to create a "wildcard" personality. When you select this personality when composing a message, you get a From: field in the compose window where you can set any address you like (within that domain, of course).

Disclaimer: I work for FastMail.

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