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I can no longer access Google Maps. When I click on maps from the Google Toolbar, I first get a faint grid, then the screen just goes to gray. It says I need to upgrade to a newer version of Adobe Flash, but when I click that, it just says "page not available". So, I've gone directly to the Adobe site only to find out that the newest version IS installed.

I've tried the "new" Google Maps, but don't like the way it works nearly as well, and Google Earth doesn't show street names, or let me get street views.

I'm completely frustrated and would love to get the old Google maps back. I also tried to find the help/support icon on maps, but like everything else on that page, it's just not there.

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Have you tried navigating to maps.google.com? What browser/OS are you using? Have you tried Google Chrome? Chrome doesn't have a separate Flash plugin. – w3dk Oct 16 '13 at 7:16

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