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Is Pastebin.com capable of turning URLs into clickable links? Is not there additional markup code for this besides @h@ for line highlighting?

This discussion suggests that it is not possible. I also searched available documentation without success.

Alternatively, which similar services support clickable URLs?

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You can use ipaste, for instance: http://www.ipaste.eu/view?id=5172

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This is a little late, but Pastelink.net should do what you're looking for.

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Answers that are link-only may be downvoted and deleted. It would help if you could provide a few details here that might provide at least a clue to an answer, should the link die. –  pnuts Mar 2 at 16:49
pastelink.net is essentially what OP is looking for, a service similar to Pastebin.com which allows clickable hyperlinks. –  user88635 Mar 16 at 12:06

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