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I am looking for a tag-based bookmaking webapp and I can't seem to find what I need.

I am sold on the benefits of using tags over file system/folders for data retrieval but I have yet to find an app that doesn't seem to rely completely on the users ability to be able to keep the folksonomy consistent and useful. The end result is you wind up doing lots of house work (e.g. fixing the case of tags one by one, remembering to put this tag x with tag y, remembering to phrase thing x the same each time etc.)

All the apps I have used seem to focus on social bookmarking (something I have little to no intrest in). I am currently using delicious but am unhappy with how little it helps. The batch operations are good but really limited. My first thought was to use the api to achive what I wanted but it looks like the api only suports one operation per second which sound impractical to me for anything useful.

Are there any examples of apps with features to reduce the amount of housework required to manage mistakes tags?

(e.g. finding duplicates, synonym + Hyponym support)

Failing that, is there anything I can do with the existing apps through the apis to achieve what I want?

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Try using Historio.us. It is still in beta and will support tags soon; But the search feature more than makes up for it!

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Xmarks has a great app. Not just does it sync all of your bookmarks from various computers and browsers but you can also add and organize them online as well.

It also has an ability to upload or download the latest edits onto your Xmark server (upload) or onto your local computer(s) (download) so the life is good. I use Firefox on one of my comps and I can also tag favorites/bookmarks there and then upload that to xmarks. Either way it's cool.

Btw I had delicious for over a year and for some reason I just never got the hold of it. I'm happy with xmarks!

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